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Spa pools are smaller in size than a standard pool, taking up less space and using less water. They may stand alone as individual pools or may be attached to a larger pool for an aesthetically pleasing result.

Our spa designs seek to provide you with the relaxing experience that comes with your own personal spa pool. A unique area to relax after your workout in cooler waters, the pool spa provides you with a smaller pool to lounge, relax and let the stress of the day drift away in its warm (or cool) waters. You can also enjoy the gentle rush of water (if your chosen design includes water jets) or the whisper of a custom designed waterfall.

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Please keep in mind that the possiblities available for your spa are practically endless. Please consider the following things when considering your spa design so we may understand your dream:

Pool With Integrated Spa
  • The spa is located inside the pool, making it seem like the spa is just another part of the pool-- they are seperated by a dam wall to keep the warm water in the spa and the cool water in the pool. The spa can still be any size or shape.
Pool With Attached Spa
  • The spa is located outside or adjacent to your pool, making it visually separate
  • It can be any shape or size that you desire
  • Can be the same level as your pool (Inground Spa, often sharing a wall with the pool itself) or elevated (Raised Spa)
Raised Perimeter Spa
  • Can be integrated into the pool or attached
  • When integrated, it is can be considered an 'Overflow Spa' because while it lies within the pool itself, the walls of the spa are set lower than the water level, creating an attractive 'overflow' effect
Pool With Spillover Spa
  • The 'Spillover' option is an excellent addition to an attached raised spa
  • A portion of a wall of the spa is built lower to create a sheet of water that flows down into your pool, creating a auditory and visually pleasing effect
Pool With Detached Spa
  • The spa is entirely separated (detached) from the pool
  • A good option if the space around the pool is limited and a larger spa is desired-- the spa can be located a small distance away from the pool to give it the space it deserves!
These are just a few of your options for your pool spa. If what you want doesn't match any of these, don't worry! We will custom design a spa to match your dream of that perfect watery oasis